Appointment Cards

All appointment cards are supplied free of charge.

Layout & Design

The layout and design of the appointment cards is the Hospital's own - why? because they are the people who use them.

Sample Appointment Card

Departmental Covers

Departmental Covers allow for specific details to be included on the cards, ensuring ease of use to the patients when enquiring about or changing their appointment.


Whether there are 1 or 5 separate Hospitals within a Trust, we can give each Hospital it's own identity by producing different cards for each Hospital.

Delivery of Cards

Simple - Just call us and within a few days your request for your specific appointment cards will be fulfilled. We don't limit you to a set quantity of appointment cards, nor do we schedule your 'regular' delivery of a set quantity. If you need them - we'll deliver. 

Design Changes

Should you need to change the design of your cards or simply change some of the detail on the cards - just let us know what changes you require and we'll happily do them for you.We will send a proof for your approval and then print and deliver your amended cards.

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